Carl Edwards Jr. - The Stringbean Slinger - Live at Club 400

September 23, 2018

He was a member of the 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs. His story is one of the most inspiring baseball and friendship stories you will ever hear. His personality is nothing short of awesome. He is The Stringbean Slinger - ladies and gentlemen, Carl "CJ" Edwards, Jr. 


Bob Ibach - Vine Line Magazine

September 18, 2018

After the announcement over the weekend that the Cubs magazine Vine Line would be discountinued and the dust settled, we decided we needed "The Godfather of Vine Line" as our next guest. Bob Ibach, a card carrying member of Club 400, was also the person who started Vine Line 33 years ago while he was the PR Director of the Cubs. Here is the real story behind Vine Line.


Danny Rockett - The Son Ranto Show

September 17, 2018

You've heard his music, maybe you've heard his podcast, now hear the story behind the man. Mr. Danny Rockett is on Club 400 Radio...check it out.


Jim Anixter - Pink Hat Guy

September 8, 2018

Who is the "The Pink Hat Guy" behind home plate at Wrigley Field? And why does he keep wearing that loud hat and green sweatshirt?

It's Jim Anixter ... and he just wants his wife to know he actually went to the ballgame.

"It's so my wife can see I'm really at the ballpark and I'm not fooling around," said a laughing Anixter.


MIke North - Chicago Sports Radio Legend

September 2, 2018

Mike North is a Chicago sports radio powerhouse. He was one of the original personalities on The Score and a co-host of the Monsters in the Morning. Mike's personality takes over any room he steps into. For William and Stu, it was surreal to be in the same studio of one of their sports heroes growing up. Ladies and Gentlemen, would you welcome please, Mike North.


Gary Matthews & Bob Dernier -1984 Cubs - Live at Club 400

August 26, 2018

Two stars from the 1984 Cubs were the most recent guests at Club 400. The Q&A was hosted by Club 400 Radio. Enjoy!


Carol Haddon - Lifelong Season Ticket Holder

August 19, 2018

Check out our latest episode with the longest running season ticket holder and great friend of the show....Carol Haddon!


Stu McVicar & William Geheren - Club 400 Radio

August 7, 2018

Club 400 Radio is a show about people for people. We are Cubs Fans Helping Cubs Fans. In our first episode, you will hear from the hosts about Club 400, our mission and more fun. We also are announcing our first fundraiser and contest. Join the fun....check us out on facebook @club400radio.

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