Chicago Cubs Club 400 Podcast

Joe Johnson - Obvious Shirts

June 9, 2019

Joe Johnson is Brilliant. (Joe, you can have that one). You have seen the shirts - from "Kiss it GoodBaez" to "The Greatest Game Ever Was Played on a Wednesday in Cleveland" to "I'd Rather Be at Wrigley", now hear the man behind the shirts. Joe brings us his absolutely fascinating story of a fun idea to a full-fledged business that started as just a Cub fan being a Cub fan (Joe, you can use that one as well). As you know, Club 400 Podcast is a show about the fans, for the fans and Joe epitomizes what we are doing. Learn about the history, the future and a partnership with Club 400 - what???? Ladies and gentlemen, the guy that redefined the word obvious, Joe Johnson. 

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