Chicago Cubs Club 400 Podcast

Club 400 Podcast Greatest Hits… So Far

June 16, 2019

Club 400 Podcast is a show about the fans for the fans. It is a series of stories from some of the greatest and mast interesting Chicago Cubs fans out there. There is one thing that all Cubs fans share and that is an undeniable passion for their team. Generations of fans waited 108 years between World Series victories, which ended in 2016. Everyone has a story and hosts Stu McVicar and William Geheren along with producer John Benedeck, try to capture those stories weekly on Club 400 Podcast. This episode is a compilation of some of the best moments through the first 42 shows. If you are new to Club 400 Podcast, enjoy and make sure to listen to previous shows and welcome to the show with the motto of "Cubs Fans Helping Cubs Fans."

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